Premium steak from Argentina

Argentina is well known for its superb, premium-quality beef. The vast pastures, strict animal welfare and ideal breeding conditions lay the foundation for producing exceptionally tasty meat.

Supremo - Argentinian premium beef - steak specialities
Even in huge herds of cattle, the criollos have to stay relaxed, but at the same time show their bravery and always enjoy their work, because a gaucho wants to feel as comfortable as possible in the saddle, too, and be carried home safely at throughout the night and day by his four-legged friend, even if he leaves the bar late one evening.

Our selected partners, whose beef cattle operations are among the most established and best in Argentina, are all cattle holdings in the vicinity of San Luis.

With our local partners, we always take particular care when it comes to the freshness and quality of our beef. Breed, rearing, intensive selection and the careful handling of the animals is particularly important for the premium flavour. This is the basis for our capability to supply firstclass steaks. Supremo – only the best is good enough.

Discover our homage to steak and be won over by the superb premium quality.

  • Our selected partners are some of the most established and best cattle holdings in Argentina
  • Appropriate, near-natural raising and natural feed for our Angus and Hereford beef cattle
  • Careful, intensive selection of the bullocks aged between 18 and 24 months.
  • The distinctive marbling and higher fat content deliver a delicate and intense flavour
  • Tailored cuts, strict controls and standardised processes guarantee Supremo’s trusted premium meat quality

Breeds and breeding

Our Angus and Hereford cattle are bred with great care over many years to ensure absolute top-quality meat.

Supremo - Argentinian premium beef - steak specialities - Breeds and breeding
Thomas Bär (left) finds the personal and intensive exchange with the selected breeders very important. That's why he regularly visits the cattle holdings on site and is always in awe of the view over the endless meadows.

"That's right in the middle of the Pampas!"

Our selected partners, who work with the same passion for the very best in meat quality, are all cattle holdings in the vicinity of San Luis.

Just like Eduardo Martínez’s cattle holding, all our cattle breeders offer their animals an appropriate environment on the endless pastures of the Pampas and always ensure traditional rearing and a natural feed. The resilient Black Angus and Hereford breeds feed primarily on grass and are generally not fattened with additional concentrated feed such as maize or soybeans. Above all, the animals are given the time that they need to grow healthily. We personally witness the animals being appropriately reared during our regular visits over a cup of maté tea.

Argentina – land of the gauchos

Do these riders mind being given this name? Why would they? After all, the term means something like "riding sons of the republic" and for Argentinians, it’s almost as revered as the tango.

Supremo - Argentinian premium beef - steak specialities - Breeds and breeding
The gaucho has approximately 30 seconds to demonstrate his domination over the wild animal. The sound of the bell by the strict jury brings the breakneck rodeo show to an end.

Give 'em hell like the gauchos!

Gauchos – tough guys who gallop through the prairies and sing the virtues of freedom with their guitars in the evening while cooking half a steer over a campfire (asado). José Hernández took up this lifestyle way back in 1872 and wrote the well-known lines of "Gaucho Martin Fierro" – an Argentinian Don Quixote from the Pampas who lived in the time when the fields had no fences and freedom was unlimited.

This idyllic image has little to do with reality since, even today, some gauchos are bondsmen or earn their living as folklore actors for tourists. These days, most Argentinian cowboys prefer to compare themselves with "peones" or farmhands. The owner of the Estancia Arsa, Eduardo Martínez, finds this word demeaning, however, because it sounds like something akin to slavery. Instead, he pays his men 1500 pesos (around €430) a month – a respectable wage – and also offers free board and lodgings, health insurance and the right to a pension.

Most of his workers live at the Estancia Arsa, as tradition would have it, so there are houses for families and for bachelors in front of the owner's property. Head of the team is 42-year-old César Navarro, who has worked for Eduardo Martínez for 22 years already. César Navarro – a real "riding son of the republic".

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