Supremo – Premium steak quality from Argentina

Discover the taste of Argentina – go on an exquisite culinary journey of extraordinary flavour with our Supremo Premium steak specialities. Buen Apetito!

Supremo - Argentinian premium beef - steak specialities
The gauchos carry out their work with few words – the animals for slaughter are separated from each other with the crack of a whip and a sharp whistle, and driven into the individual wooden gates ready for loading.

Intensive selection for the best steak and ultimate pleasure!

Careful and intensive selection takes top priority at Supremo – because only then can we achieve the high level of quality, exceptional taste and distinctive marbling in our meat. Our certified partners select only the best bullocks aged between 18 and 24 months. This is how we can guarantee a consistently high standard for our Supremo beef.

The attentive handling of the animals and careful slaughter of the bullocks with a carcass weight of around 460 - 480 kg is rewarded with excellent meat quality. An unbroken quality control chain guarantees food safety in accordance with European standards.

  • Careful handling of the animals
  • Short transport routes and modern vehicle fleets from our partner organisations
  • Considerate and stress-free loading and unloading
  • Stress-free processes with cutting-edge slaughter and butchering technology
  • Work-day slaughter in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards of the latest EU guidelines

Our cuts

Our cuts will win you over thanks to our premium beef’s consistently high quality. This means that we can provide you with individual cuts tailored to the needs of your wholesale business or restaurant. Only the best is good enough.

Supremo premium beef Rib-Eye-Steak / Entrecôte

Rib-eye steak / entrecôte (prime rib)

The rib-eye steak – also known as entrecôte – comes from the forequarter. This section of the back can be found behind the neck and in front of the sirloin. The meat is characterised by its distinctive fat core. This is also how the steak gets its name because the core looks like an eye, which led it to being called a rib-eye steak. The meat is particularly tender and succulent and is heavily marbled – a steak that looks great and is full of flavour.

Meat / steak cut: The cut is made without the fat cover or the bones from the core of the upper rib cage.

Supremo premium beef Roast beef / Rump steak / Striploin Steak / New York Strip

Sirloin steak / striploin steak / New York strip

The sirloin steak – also described as striploin steak or New York strip – comes from the hindquarter and is one of the steak classics. The meat has a permanent rim of fat that enhances its own distinctive taste. It also has good marbling and more of a firm texture. It has a very intense flavour, which is what makes the sirloin steak so popular.

Meat / steak cut: The sirloin steak is cut from the back without bones and chains. The fat cover is trimmed slightly.

Supremo premium beef fillet / beef fillet / fillet mignon / tenderloin

Filet steak / filet mignon / tenderloin

The filet steak – also known as filet mignon or tenderloin – comes from the inner lumbar section. The meat is particularly tender and finely marbled as this muscle is very rarely under strain.

Meat / steak cut: The tenderloin is cut from the back; individual medallions can be cut from the middle section of the filet.

Supremo premium beef sirloin steak / rump steak / loin steak

Rump steak

The rump steak is a part of the rear leg. The meat is particularly lean and has a more intense flavour than the filet, for example.

Meat / steak cut: The cut is made from the full rump without the rump cap and corcho. The rump steak is about 2 to 3 centimetres thick.

Do you love steaks?

Supremo offers you premium-quality, international steak specialities. Our meat experts are happy to advise you.