Supremo – Premium steak quality tailored to your needs

At Supremo, you get premium beef quality from animals that have been appropriately reared. This means that we can provide you with individual cuts tailored to the needs of your wholesale business or restaurant. Only the best is good enough.

Supremo premium beef steaks argentina best beef quality

Premium meat quality

Supremo stands for exceptionally high-quality meat: only the best is good enough. Our premium steaks stand out thanks to their unique flavour and fine appearance. When a particular maturity is combined with a clear layer of fat and distinctive marbling, it results in tasty meat that is in a class of its own. This is the taste of Argentina – this is the taste of Supremo meat. Buen Apetito!

Supremo premium beef steaks argentina best breed and husbandry
Because of the lack of testosterone, the steers (castrated young bulls) grow only half as quickly. In this time, they develop intramuscular fat and their muscle fibres are finer. The distinctive marbling and higher fat content deliver a delicate and intense flavour.

Breeds & breeding

Our Angus and Hereford cattle are bred with great care over many years to ensure absolute top-quality meat. Our cattle have happy, healthy lives in natural, open surroundings on the endless meadows of the Pampas.

This natural rearing method with plenty of room to roam in the sub-tropical grassy steppes of the Argentinian Pampas ensures the production of juicy meat with a natural and aromatic flavour.

Supremo premium beef steaks argentina best individual cuts

Individual cuts

Supremo offers you exceptionally tasty meat cut according to your needs: Our individual cuts are of consistently high quality. We offer you neatly trimmed chain-off tenderloin without chain and rump steaks – optionally apportioned with no middle sinew. Perfect for the restaurant trade, our "steak ready" roast beef with a trimmed fat cover is also of premium quality.

High-quality beef – cut according to your needs and with Supremo’s extraordinary flavour.

Supremo premium beef steaks argentina intensive selection
The gauchos carry out their work with few words – the animals for slaughter are separated from each other with the crack of a whip and a sharp whistle, and driven into the individual wooden gates ready for loading.

Intensive selection

We don't experiment when it comes to our Supremo beef and, in addition to proper animal welfare practices and the careful rearing of the animals, we ensure short transport routes, stressfree processes and cutting-edge slaughter and butchering technology.

Our partners’ facilities are certified according to EU standards. But while trust is good, testing is better. That’s why we regularly visit our partners' operations on site and check that the animals are reared appropriately and handled with due care for ourselves.

Supremo premium beef steaks argentina careful treatment

Meticulous care

Supremo guarantees meticulous care: the Angus and Hereford cattle selected for Supremo are fed and kept appropriately and transport of the animals is fast and stress-free.

The slaughter too, just as with the husbandry conditions, follows particularly high-animal welfare methods. Our partners’ facilities are certified according to European standards.

Supremo premium beef steaks argentina best regions
Thomas Bär (left) finds the personal and intensive exchange with the selected breeders very important. That's why he regularly visits the cattle holdings on site and is always in awe of the view over the endless meadows.

Best regions

Argentina is well known for its superb, premium-quality beef. The vast pastures, strict animal welfare and ideal breeding conditions lay the foundation for producing exceptionally tasty meat.

Our selected partners, whose beef cattle operations are among the most established and best in Argentina, are all cattle holdings in the vicinity of San Luis.

E.Jacobsen - meat importer and wholesaler GmbH in Hamburg Germany

Who is behind the Supremo name?

E.Jacobsen GmbH – and more than 70 years of experience in the meat industry. Our customers put their trust in us and we trust our partners.

The guarantee for this high basis of trust are comprehensive and stringent quality assurance measures that our employees – all specialists from various areas of the global meat industry – implement regularly and diligently. Tailored cuts, strict controls and standardised processes guarantee Supremo’s trusted premium meat quality.

Do you love steaks?

Supremo offers you premium-quality, international steak specialities. Our meat experts are happy to advise you.